Sustainable Investing, a look at how data is helping usher in the green economy and influence decision-making.

This week we look at sustainable investment via a survey from LSEG INSIGHTS which reveals how data is helping to usher in the green economy and ease recent concerns in this maturing market.

Sustainable Investment: asset owner transition on course despite choppier waters.

There is a case for cautious optimism in a market now showing signs of maturity and an ability to look beyond recent challenges pertaining to availability of data, reliability of corporate disclosures and a stringent regulatory environment

How data is helping to usher in the green economy. (2023) expands on the concept of an emerging ‘green economy’, its rapid growth, what defines ‘green’ and how companies are innovating to adapt to the new order. Again LSEG Insights reports on how the green economy could become the world’s largest industrial sector by 2050

Read the full article on the pdf below or download here


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