Structured Products- An integral part of the Investment Portfolio Asset Allocation and Diversification story.

Irish Banks are now charging negative interest rates for holding certain cash deposits and it is understood that they will turn their attention to all consumer deposits – sparing perhaps only small deposits. What is the real impact of these measures on the cash you hold?

In this scenario, bank customers will suffer losses in the value of their deposits. To counteract negative interest rates investors will have to consider moving some of their cash deposited in Irish financial institutions to alternatives and one important option is a Structured Product investment solution.

Structured Products can be loosely defined as investment products where the return is linked to an
underlying asset with pre-defined maturity date, coupon date and a range of capital protection options. At Seaspray Financial, we believe that Structured Products represent an original and effective alternative to the usual financial investments. They offer solutions that are creative and opportunistic and can be adapted to the needs of each investor, for example in terms of strategy, risk/return profile, maturity, or the amount to be invested.

Structured Products are hence bespoke, tailor-made solutions that can be adjusted to different market conditions and that entail different risks, which must be monitored. At Seaspray we have a team of Trusted Advisors with extensive knowledge and expertise in Structured Products, to guide you through the many questions, options, and possible solutions.

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