Making Waves: Episode 6 - Q1 2024 Investment Review and Outlook

In our Seaspray Making Waves Podcast Episode 6- Q1 2024 Investment Review and Outlook –  Paul McGowan and Danny O’Leary take a brief look back at the financial market highlights from the first quarter discussing the 4 ‘i’s- Inflation, Interest Rates, Income/Earnings, and Investment themes. The focus then switches to the anticipated performance of the domestic and global economy into the second quarter and beyond. Finally, we touch on what will be the likely headwinds as well as identifying where we see the key growth investment themes and opportunities for investors through 2024 and into the future.

Podcast disclaimer:
The proceeding content is informational only and based on information available when created. It is not an offer or a solicitation nor is it tax or legal advice. It does not consider your financial circumstances and objectives and may not be suitable for you.

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