Making Waves: Episode 2 - Q1 2023 Investment Update

Episode 2 of the Seaspray Making Waves podcast series, sees Marty Magennis sit down with Paul McGowan, Managing director of Seaspray Financial and Danny O’Leary, CEO of Seaspray Private to discuss the first quarter of 2023 and current investment opportunities. They explore the impact of recent events in financial markets, specifically the banking sector, the reaction of policy makers, key investment themes for consideration and the resilient performance of the Irish economy throughout.

At Seaspray, in examining the seemingly dramatic events of this quarter and of the last year, it is the house view that investors should be careful not to overreact. The best defence against uncertainty and unexpected shocks is a well-diversified portfolio and a robust long-term financial plan.

Podcast disclaimer:
The proceeding content is informational only and based on information available when created. It is not an offer or a solicitation nor is it tax or legal advice. It does not consider your financial circumstances and objectives and may not be suitable for you.

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