Ireland’s growth in transition to Green Energy is well underway.

This week we focus on Ireland’s transition to green energy. Below are extracts from 2 news articles and an Irish Government strategy paper. The articles are published by, ( 8th & 11th March 2024) and the strategy paper is from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment ( ( 8th March 2024) as referenced below. A link to the full government paper is provided in the references below.

We look at major developments and Ireland’s strategic approach to its transition to green energy. We examine exciting new projects around key areas of wind energy and renewable solar electricity and government’s future plans for the off-shore wind sector.

Ireland’s transition to green energy- on shore wind farm & solar powered dairy operation .

Our article outlines a joint development by the ESB and Bord na Mona , of Ireland’s largest on-shore wind farm in Oweninny, Co. Mayo. This is a significant step for Ireland in meeting its renewable energy commitments. Furthermore, we detail a story from Cork where the Dairygold Co-op is to power its processing plant with renewable solar electricity from one of its member’s farms.

Read the full article on the pdf below or download here



RTE (2024) ‘Dairygold to power processing plants with renewable solar electricity from Co-Op member’s farm’. March 11. Available at: Dairygold in renewable electricity deal with co-op member ( . (Accessed 12 March 2024). 

(Accessed 13 March 2024).  

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