Hitting offshore wind energy targets may be worth €38 billion to economy but skills shortages must be addressed.

In order to reach Ireland’s Wind Energy Targets , committed by 2050, government and industry will need to collaborate closely to create the jobs and skillset required to manage and deliver a new generation of off-shore wind farms.

Up to 146,000 full-time equivalent jobs will need to be generated by 2040, at the most ambitious end of the scale, mostly in manufacturing, with government now sharing in its commitment to green jobs and skills. Part of a report being launched at the Wind Energy Ireland (WEI), the analysis continues to outline key recommendations, among which is the need to invest further in training partnerships, third-level education and attract the necessary skills from abroad, particularly Irish nationals to give Ireland a competitive edge.

Government response to the report commits to the development of green skills and green jobs which has become a top priority of the Department of Innovation and Minister Harris. Development of offshore wind resources is a key objective for Government. Not only will it help to reduce our carbon emissions, but it will bring greater energy security and reduce costs for consumers.


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