About Our Client Services ​

In addition to the on-going assistance of your trusted advisor, we offer a range of supporting services for clients including secure online access to your portfolio and market insights.

Accessing Your Account Online

As a client of Seaspray you have access to your portfolio at any time through our secure online Private Client Login Area( see above top right on main menu of this website).
Client Login  is the easy way to access your portfolio account online, helping you view and manage all of your investments in one place, wherever and whenever you want – all in a completely secure environment.

Market Insights

Keeping You Informed as part of our service offering we regularly share key market insights via our weekly & monthly publications aimed at helping you to make the most informed investment decisions and to dynamically take advantage of market developments.
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REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME:                               

1.  Watch the video here on how to register using your email address.
2. Then click on the Client Login button top right corner of this website, to begin the registration process and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Finally watch the ‘MyConexim’ video guide here, to better understand how to navigate and manage your online account.

If you are having trouble with the set-up or with logging into your Client Portal, please contact us on    +353 1 707 00 00.