A focus on Cyber security and the rise of cyber-attacks globally.

Below are extracts from a range of cyber security threat articles, published by The Financial Times( ft.com 17th January 2024) , RTE.ie ( 21st February & 6th March 2024) and Breakingnews.ie( 21st February 2024) as referenced below.

With the ‘Zero Day Con’ Cyber Convention taking place in Dublin on Wednesday of this week and the recent successful maturity of Seaspray Private’s Cyber Security Bond, the focus of our news this week is on the highly topical area of cybercrime.

Current cyber security threat from around the globe

As hackers get smarter, JP Morgan suffers a wave of cyber-attacks, while identity fraud is on the rise globally, and the US looks to heighten cyber regulation at its ports .

JPMorgan Chase is suffering a wave of cyber attacks as fraudsters get “smarter, savvier, quicker, more devious, more mischievous”, the bank’s head of asset and wealth management has said.

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